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a suspicion why

Mattis Manzel:

So. I’m testing if links work on wiki-net grid pages in the main and in the list wikis for the wiki hives. They do except for one and I have a suspicion why:

Everything links fine except for the all xxx links on the page kabo-wiki-hive - wiki-net grid. Instead of linking to the kabo-list-wiki they link to the eArt-list-wiki. The kabo-wiki-hive is different, it’s the center of the “star”, it distributes the local names to the other hives, know. Maybe it’s the fact that eArt in the alphabet comes before kabo? Maybe the “center of the star wiki hive” simply needs to be named the AAA-wiki-hive to be first in the alphabet? Speculations …

Np, I will hack my way around it somehow. Interesting though.

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