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a suspicion why

Mattis Manzel:

So. I’m testing if links work on wiki-net grid pages in the main and in the list wikis for the wiki hives. They do except for one and I have a suspicion why:

Everything links fine except for the all xxx links on the page kabo-wiki-hive - wiki-net grid. Instead of linking to the kabo-list-wiki they link to the eArt-list-wiki. The kabo-wiki-hive is different, it’s the center of the “star”, it distributes the local names to the other hives, know. Maybe it’s the fact that eArt in the alphabet comes before kabo? Maybe the “center of the star wiki hive” simply needs to be named the AAA-wiki-hive to be first in the alphabet? Speculations …

Np, I will hack my way around it somehow. Interesting though.

Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013


kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki

kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - kabo-wiki, all wikis kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - kabo-wiki-all-wikis-feed [en]

kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - kabo-wiki, all wikis kabo-wiki, all wikis

The list of wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive with a home page in the kabo-list-wiki.


  1. de-kabo-Sand-wiki, try out kabo-wiki in German

    kabo-Listen-wiki - de-kabo-Sand-wiki [de]

  2. [[de-kabo-Zentrum-wiki?]], the center-wiki in German

    kabo-Listen-wiki - de-kabo-Zentrum-wiki [de]

  3. en-kabo-center-wiki, the center-wiki in English

    kabo-list-wiki - en-kabo-center-wiki [en]

  4. [[en-kabo-empty-wiki?]], copy templates for the wiki-net page structure over to a new kabo-wiki

    kabo-list-wiki - en-kabo-empty-wiki [en]

  5. en-kabo-sand-wiki, try out kabo-wiki in English

    kabo-list-wiki - en-kabo-sand-wiki [en]

  6. [[fr-kabo-centre-wiki?]], the center-wiki in French

    kabo-liste-wiki - fr-kabo-centre-wiki [fr]

  7. [[fr-kabo-wiki-à-sable?]], try out kabo-wiki in French

    kabo-liste-wiki - fr-kabo-wiki-à-sable [fr]

  8. [[it-kabo-centro-wiki?]], the center-wiki in Italian

    kabo-lista-wiki - it-kabo-centro-wiki [it]

  9. kabo-list-wiki , aggregates the wikis sitting in the main-wiki

    kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  10. kabo-wiki-hive , the main-wiki

    kabo-list-wiki - kabo-wiki-hive [de]•[en]•[fr]•

  11. [[local-names-sand-wiki?]], try out local names

    kabo-list-wiki - local-names-sand-wiki [en]

  12. [[multilingual-sand-wiki?]], try out a multilingual wiki interface

    kabo-list-wiki - multilingual-sand-wiki [de]•[en]•[xx]•

  13. [[ru-kabo-центр-wiki?]], the center-wiki in Russian

    kabo-list-wiki - ru-kabo-центр-wiki [ru]

other center-wikis

  1. [[carrotmob-wiki?]], for web-sites about carrotmob

    kabo-list-wiki - carrotmob-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  2. [[e-learning-center-wiki?]], for web-sites about e-learning

    kabo-list-wiki - e-learning-center-wiki [en]

  3. [[e-learning-Zentrum-wiki?]], for web-sites about e-learning in German

    kabo-Listen-wiki - e-learning-Zentrum-wiki [de]

  4. [[Esperanto-centro-vikio?]], for web-sites in and about Esperanto

    kabo-list-wiki - Esperanto-centro-vikio [eo]+[de]-[en]-[fr]-[xx]-

  5. Greenland-wiki, for web-sites about Greenland

    kabo-list-wiki - Greenland-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  6. [[hack-Babel-wiki?]], for web-sites intending to enable multilingual communication

    kabo-list-wiki - hack-Babel-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  7. [[Lug-center-wiki?]], for Linux users groups worldwide

    kabo-list-wiki - Lug-center-wiki [en]

  8. [[multilingual-wiki?]], for multilingual web-sites, to translate text on multilingual wiki pages

    kabo-list-wiki - multilingual-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  9. [[superstition-wiki?]], for web-sites about what is commonly called superstition

    kabo-list-wiki - superstition-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  10. whoRthey-wiki, who they are in the one big soup

    kabo-list-wiki - whoRthey-wiki [en]

  11. wikileaks-wiki, wikileaks, friends, supporters

    kabo-list-wiki - wikileaks-wiki [en]+[xx]-

other wikis

  1. [[Astra-Lug-wiki?]], the Linux-user-group in Astrakhan, Russia

    kabo-list-wiki - Astra-Lug-wiki [ru]+[en]-

  2. [[Bundesliga-wiki?]], about the entire German soccer league

    kabo-Listen-wiki - Bundesliga-wiki [de]

  3. [[Dialekt-wiki?]], translate texts to different German dialects

    kabo-Listen-wiki - Dialekt-wiki [de]

  4. [[DSzV-wiki?]], the German center for studies in Venice, Italy

    kabo-Listen-wiki - DSzV-wiki [de]+[it]-

  5. [[game-ideas-wiki?]], collect ideas for games, both real-life and computer-games

    kabo-list-wiki - game-ideas-wiki [en]

  6. [[jokes-wiki?]], collect jokes from different languages and translate them

    kabo-list-wiki - jokes-wiki [en]+[xx]-

  7. local-names-wiki, provide local names for web-sites not part of the wiki-net

    kabo-list-wiki - local-names-wiki [en]

  8. [[parola-del-giorno-wiki?]], archive words of the day in Italian

    kabo-lista-wiki - parola-del-giorno-wiki [it]

  9. [[Philo-wiki?]], Philosophie

    kabo-Listen-wiki - Philo-wiki [de]

  10. [[slang-wiki?]], translate texts to different slangs and dialects of the English language

    kabo-list-wiki - slang-wiki [en]

  11. [[Spiele-Ideen-wiki?]], collect ideas for games, both real-life and computer-games in German

    kabo-Listen-wiki - Spiele-Ideen-wiki [de]

  12. [[word-of-the-day-wiki?]], archive words of the day

    kabo-list-wiki - word-of-the-day-wiki [en]

  13. [[Wort-des-Tages-wiki?]], archive words of the day in German

    kabo-Listen-wiki - Wort-des-Tages-wiki [de]

The pages kabo-wiki, all xxx aggregate the wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive.

Aggregations of main pages:

Aggregations of day-page-sets:

Aggregations of search queries:

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Restructured the list.

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kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki

kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - periphery feeds kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - periphery-feeds-feed [en]+[xx]-

kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - periphery feeds periphery feeds

Feeds provided by the periphery of connected web-services associated with the kabo-list-wiki and by the search queries in it:

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Feeds provided by user accounts for the kabo-list-wiki on web-services importing its kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - soup soup:

More feeds in the periphery of connected web-services:

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kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - blogs-with-kabo-wiki-feed blogs-with-kabo-wiki-feed

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+ delicious-popular-KaboWiki-feed

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Pics:Pic.39.png kabo-wiki-hive - kabo-list-wiki - Mµs tag KaboWiki Mµs tag KaboWiki

Feeds for pages in the kabo-list-wiki aggregating the periphery feeds of the wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive:

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